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The Pastoral System

Wales High School operates a strong and effective pastoral system based upon traditional values of respect, manners and good behaviour. Our Pastoral Teams aim to support each and every student to ensure maximum attainment, attendance and progress. We want all students to feel valued and supported to grow and develop during their time with us.

Each year group is led by a Head of Year who has responsibility for the overall academic progress and social development of each child in their year. Our Head’s of Year are supported by a Deputy Head of Year and a non-teaching Pupil Support Assistant. Our team of experienced and specialist staff provide each child with an exceptional level of support, which enable students to develop a love of learning, independence and become valued members of society.

Every student belongs to a tutor group at Wales High School. In almost all cases, the tutor will remain with the group for 5 years. This allows the group to form a tutor group identity, and develop long lasting relationships which will support students as they move through the school from Year 7 to Year 11. All our tutor groups have approximately 27-30 students, mixed from a variety of different primary schools, abilities and backgrounds.

Each tutor group will have a lead tutor and a co-tutor, who will work alongside the group in their role. The tutor should be seen as the main point of contact for both students and parents. Tutors should be your first point of contact should you wish to discuss any matters arising from the day to day life in school. Tutors will see students every day, and build a strong relationship with their tutor group as they progress through the school. Students should feel they may report any incidents to their tutor or discuss any concerns they have. Tutors can be emailed via their school email address

–  staff initials@waleshigh.com.

Please click on the links below to access the names, contact details and relevant information about each year team.

Miss Thorneycroft Head of Year 7 [email protected]
Mr McLaren Deputy Head of Year 7 [email protected]
Mrs Siddall Year 7 PSA [email protected]
Ms Unwin Head of Year 8 [email protected]
Mr Asquith Deputy Head of Year 8 [email protected]
Mrs Taylor Year 8 PSA [email protected]
Mrs Roberts-Commons Head of Year 9 [email protected]
Mr Lefley Deputy Head of Year 9 [email protected]
Mrs Wright Deputy Head of Year 9 [email protected]
Miss Sell Year 9 PSA [email protected]
Miss Herring Year 9 PSA [email protected]

[email protected]

Mr Day Head of Year 10 [email protected]
Ms Nuttall Deputy Head of Year 10 [email protected]
Mrs N Bloomer Year 10 PSA [email protected]
Miss Race Head of Year 11 [email protected]
Miss Gladwin Deputy Head of Year 11 [email protected]
Mr West Deputy Head of Year 11 [email protected]
Mrs Lazenby Year 11 PSA [email protected]
Mrs Pyott Year 11 PSA [email protected]
Mrs Lockyer Head of Sixth-Form [email protected]
Mr Howard Deputy Head of Sixth-Form
Mrs Blackwell Y12 Initiative Lead (Sixth-Form)
Miss Finney Post-16 Advisor (Sixth-Form)