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Social Science – KS5

Social Science at Key Stage 5

Both Sociology and Psychology are taught at KS5 where students follow and complete a two year linear curriculum. Our students are not deterred by the prospect of taking on a new subject(s) and are enthusiastic about this new opportunity. Sociology and Psychology teach many skills beyond the specification. They help to create students who are inquisitive, have an enquiring mind and an interest in current affairs, social issues as well as human behaviour on a more individualistic level.

We endeavour to inspire students to think analytically to appreciate the complexity and nuance of modern life and human behaviour.  We also want to build on students literacy skills from GCSE so that they can be successful in their exams at the end of the course. Over the two years our students gain huge confidence in their ability to debate and argue between difference perspectives and approaches. They no longer take what they see or hear for granted and question the social world in which they live.

As the name suggests Sociology and Psychology are ‘social’ subjects. We aim to engage students in the course content by connecting theory and knowledge to the ‘real world’ and draw on up to date examples to make the subjects relevant in a rapidly changing globalised world.