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Finance (Level 3)


The London Institute of Banking and Finance
Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS)
Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS)

This course is chance for you to explore and investigate the current financial products that are available for you as a young person, and as you progress through life.  You will discover what a mortgage is, how a current account works, the impact of having a credit card and how to budget your personal finances. This qualification will prepare you to make those personal choices and be confident about those decisions regarding your own finances.

This qualification carries UCAS points, so can support an application to university.  It is important that you check with the university themselves that they accept this course, it will depend on the degree programme you are applying for and the university itself, however many ask for points which this qualification has. Apprenticeships will ask for a diverse range of qualifications, depending on the vacancy itself.  This may be a qualification that will support your application, having the knowledge of finance and how to budget.  This course will support any finance based career and will certainly help you make better more informed personal choices in the future.

Professionals are invited in so you get the opportunity to explore this as a potential career.  They can offer advice and support. All students will be offered extra support to ensure all learning and progress is consolidated.

5 GCSEs 9 – 5 including English and Mathematics.

Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS)
(AS equivalent)
Unit 1: Financial Capability for the Immediate and Short Term
You will gain an appreciation of why money is important through focusing on what money is: attitudes to it: and how it can affect life choices.
Unit 2: Financial Capability for the Medium and Long Term
You will gain the ability to plan, manage your financial needs in the medium and long-term, with particular reference to the importance of the need to budget for future aspirations and life events.

Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS)
To access this course you MUST have achieved the Certificate in Financial Studies. (A-Level)
Unit 3: Sustainability of an Individual’s Finances
Highlights the importance of financial sustainability for the individual; to enable the development of skills to make sure that an individual financial capability is sustained over a period of time.
Unit 4: Sustainability of the Financial Services System
Explores the financial services system and look at how financial services providers work and compete with one another.

All units are examined.  Two units per qualification.

Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS) – equates to an AS.  Studied in one year and open to Yr12 and Yr13 students.
Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS) – is the second year of the qualification and equated to one A Level.  To be studied in Yr 13.

For further information, please contact - Mr N Owen / [email protected]