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School Travel Disruptions – Update

On Monday 4th September, Pepe Di’Iasio met with Oliver Coppard, South Yorkshire Mayor and Chair of the Mayoral Combined Authority, regarding the Northern Powergrid’s roadworks in Harthill.

Pepe discussed the ongoing disruption to school travel, the potential impact this may have on students, parents and carers and how this can be avoided.

The response from Oliver Coppard’s office below outlines the current measures in place, including future disruptions.

As a School, we will continue to monitor the situation and update parents on any new developments.

If you have any parental concerns, please email: [email protected]

South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) is aware that Northern Powergrid’s roadworks are causing concern for student travel to Wales High School. We know that any disruption can be worrying and stressful so we’ve worked hard to make sure there are plenty of alternative options. As the changes to school travel can be confusing we have outlined below the upcoming changes to school travel for your convenience. 

Due to roadworks by Northern Powergrid, there will be some disruption for school travel from September until March 2024. SYMCA and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) have worked alongside Northern Powergrid to ensure that all students retain access to bus services. This includes organising a shuttle bus (926) for the most impacted communities.

From mid-October (date to be confirmed soon), Northern Powergrid will enter the next phase of works and disruption will further affect the bus services. The 626 school bus will start at Harthill from Thorpe Road so children can walk past the closure point (pedestrian access is maintained) to catch the bus. We have also organised the 926 shuttle bus which is timed to allow use to/from Wales High for those not wanting to walk the short distance to the 626 school bus at the north end of the village. 

During the next phase any children at Woodall can use the 926 school bus and those in Thorpe Salvin should continue to use the 626. Phase two of the works also has a significant impact on the 26/26a service buses which some of your students may use. SYMCA is currently reviewing the timetable to best maintain the Wales High School student journeys that can’t be completed on the 626 or 926. 

Phase three of works is similar although the shuttle bus (926) will no longer run as Harthill/Thorpe Salvin will be served as normal by local buses and school buses. Disruption is still expected for the 26/26a. At this point any pupils in Woodall will need transport arranging by RMBC who will be in touch with Mr Smith to help identify anyone affected and arrange transport. 

Once Northern Powergrid tells SYMCA confirmed dates for the next phase the amended routes will be displayed online and on every affected bus stop. This is also the case for the commercial 26 and 26a bus service. 

Details of services for each village and transport to and from Wales High School will be communicated by SYMCA’s transport team to the School.

SYMCA has carefully planned services so that there are transport options available for all students living in South Yorkshire. Due to boundaries, SYMCA cannot arrange transport support for Derbyshire students however, Derbyshire advised us that transport for their students is arranged and in place.