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Remote Learning

Remote Learning

If local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to stay at home, the curriculum will move from face to face teaching to remote learning.

The remote learning curriculum will mirror where possible the standard school curriculum, but might look slightly different where subjects will need to be appropriately adapted for remote learning.  The first day or two may differ with tasks set on Go4Schools whilst we take the necessary actions to prepare for a longer period of remote learning, which will be delivered through Microsoft TEAMS and materials shared on Go4Schools.

Pupils will follow their normal timetable, they should log on to Microsoft TEAMS each morning at the normal lesson time and access their lessons through Microsoft Teams. They will follow a mixture of online lessons, extended and practical projects in line with the scheme of work and curriculum sequence that they are following – subject curriculum overviews are shared on the school website in each subject area.  The remote curriculum will be high quality, meaningful, ambitious, and cover an appropriate range of subjects to enable pupils to keep on track with their education.

On Microsoft TEAMS each morning there will be; notices, assemblies and updates from the Pastoral Team (Heads of Year, Deputy Heads of Year, Tutors and Co-Tutors) for each year group.  It is important that pupils log on as attendance is checked and used for safeguarding reasons.

Where pupils have access to appropriate devices, remote education might include recorded and / or live direct teaching time, as well as time for pupils to complete tasks, reading, and independent assignments.

Where a pupil may be disadvantaged and not have access to a laptop, tablet or similar device to view and take part in remote learning, the school will endeavour to support with the loan of a device.  The school will also support families to find appropriate internet connectivity solutions if and where necessary and possible.  If this is not possible, alternatives will be provided such as physical resources, which may be delivered home by a member or the Pastoral Team.

If an individual student is isolating at home and needs to access remote learning, work will be collated by the Pastoral Team and shared with home.  We expect that all work sent home to be completed by the agreed date and work will be distributed back to the classroom teacher for marking where appropriate.  This curriculum work will mirror where possible the work in the appropriate curriculum sequence in order to reduce the risk of absent students developing gaps in curriculum knowledge.