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Religious Studies – KS3

Religious Studies at Key Stage 3

Here at Wales our Key Stage 3 R.E students follow our 3 year curriculum. When they enter Year 7 they complete a baseline assessment which, along with information from Primary Schools, helps us to ensure that work is engaging and challenging.

In Year 7 and 8 students are taught in tutor groups and this helps build excellent relationships between the staff and students. Year 7 and 8 is about building a foundation of knowledge on key religions such as Christianity and Islam. In Year 9 students begin to study moral and ethical issues such as racism and the Holocaust. This then allows them to have an understanding of some of the key topics at KS4.

We study 5 topics per year at KS3 and these allow for links to be made across religions and also across year groups. These skills are then transferrable across other subjects and also can be used as students go into KS4.

Our aim at KS3 is to give our students a fantastic foundation of knowledge which will enable them to start KS4 with both a solid skill set and a love of R.E.