Mission Statement

We must all work together to create a stimulating and challenging learning environment, with high quality teaching, in an atmosphere of tolerance, free from any form of prejudice.

Develop the moral and social awareness of pupils and students in order that they may become responsible members of society, possessing an understanding of the world in which they live.

Ensure that all pupils and students recognise that there is order and a sense of purpose in our school, through maintaining and promoting a caring ethos based on mutual respect between all members of the school community. Establish the principle that, where pupils and students accept their responsibilities, they will be entitled to opportunities commensurate with their individual potential.

Broaden student horizons by having a broad range of opportunity post-16 and provide support systems leading into higher education, further education, training or employment as appropriate to the individual.

Continually appraise our pursuit of excellence in order to maintain high standards of work and behaviour and analyse the outcomes of all that we achieve.

Maximise the use of available resources, making investment in staffing a priority whilst ensuring that books and equipment are in sufficient supply and our physical environment is maintained to a high standard.

Continually promote staff development through being committed to pursuing positive outcomes whatever the task or the difficulties encountered.

Support all staff, pupils and students in their endeavours within the vast range of non-academic activities experienced during and beyond the school day.

Ensure that the international dimension is integrated within departmental schemes of work and that students become aware of their responsibilities as global citizens.