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Miss Saigon Production

After 12 long weeks of hard work, the gifted Wales Drama Team performed Miss Saigon. The performance took place from Wednesday 8th December to Saturday 11th December 2021 and featured; passionate actors, talented singers, and a heart-wrenching plot. The musical tells the story of a young Vietnamese lady named Kim who escapes from war to a city called Saigon, where she is exploited by the Engineer, a pimp.

Despite all odds, she meets her unlikely soulmate, Kris and falls pregnant. Due to the evacuation, they are forced to separate, and Kim is left to raise their son Tam alone in Bangkok. Several years later, the now married Kris, decides to fly back with his wife Ellen, unaware of his son’s existence, to help Kim after finding out she is alive.

The whole audience was invested in the beautiful relationship of Kim and Kris, desperately hoping they would reunite again and live happily together as a perfect family. Despite being a silent character for the whole play, Tam, played by Alicia Lindsay, was loved by all, and the family dynamic between Tam and Kim warmed the hearts of the audience. Lucas Wood’s character, the Engineer, brought a smile to everyone’s face. The character’s entertaining, amusing personality was aptly captured and exaggerated, providing the perfect balance of character depth and comic relief.

These characters would have been singing acapella had it not been for the skilful musicianship of the music group, directed by Mr Wright and Mrs Ayland and featuring musicians such as James and Georgina. The sheer splendour displayed by the ensemble was surely the result of many hours of commendable effort and practice which brought the whole show together and accompanied the singers beautifully. Listeners were captivated by the forte of the musicians and many songs brought both smiles and tears to everyone’s faces.
The cast’s intricate costumes were brought to life by the wonderful costume design and manufacture team led by Mrs Hemming. Every costume fit each character perfectly, making the personalities memorable and unique. Alongside the delightful costumes were the unbelievable props, created by the wonderful Art and D&T teams who spent hours ensuring that each piece was perfect. The highlight of them all being the giant helicopter that caused much enjoyment from the watching audience.

The group’s effort paid off massively on all four nights and the whole audience was captivated by the young talent on the stage. The actors’ strong, emotive singing encouraged viewers to empathise with each character, effortlessly conveying powerful feelings in every note. With the almost tangible confidence of the group, the play was brought to life flawlessly in the Grand Hall, leaving everyone entranced by a plot which tugged at the heartstrings.
All in all, this production show cased the very best of Wales High School and if you didn’t manage to see this one then please do endeavour to see next year’s production. You won’t be disappointed…

Written by Eloise G and Ari L (Year 9)