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Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

The Key Stage 5 (KS5) curriculum offered has breadth and variety in both the subjects and types of qualifications offered.  The curriculum has been developed to allow progression from Key Stage 4 (KS4) in all subjects giving qualifications that are linked to students’ future plans.  The KS5 pathways are designed to provide structure and challenge, maximising progression opportunities onto the next stage of education, employment or apprenticeship.  Wales High School offers around 40 qualifications in Year 12 covering A-Levels and Level 3 Vocational courses.  Subjects with small numbers of students will receive some degree of protection for a short period of time.

It is expected most students will study 3 linear A-Levels or equivalents for their 2 year Sixth Form experience.  The examination specifications determine the content of the courses and the majority of courses offer a 2 year linear programme of study with examinations at the end of their course.  Students who have not achieved a grade 4 standard in English and/or Maths will be expected to attend lessons in these subjects to work towards meeting this standard.  Students that are unable to meet this standard may be offered a Department for Education (DfE) approved alternative.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is offered in order to allow students to develop research and investigative skills and the ability to produce an individual piece of work, which is then presented to staff and peers.

The KS5 programme has been developed to support students as they move towards higher education or employment.  A-Level courses, in Year 12 and 13, for single awards receive 5 hours per week tuition and double subjects will receive 10 hours per week.  Triple qualifications have a ‘full time’ timetable incorporating work placements. Work experience opportunities are available for all students in order to improve students’ perceptions of the world of work and prepare them for future employment.

Curriculum Overview KS5