What’s on next?

05-Jan Thursday Year 10 dodgeball
11-Jan Wednesday Assembly for y7/y8 chess
12-Jan Thursday y7/y8 chess weds/thurs/fri
18-Jan Wednesday Y9/10/11/6th form chess
19-Jan Thursday 9/10/11 and 6th Chess. Weds, Thurs Fri lunch
25-Jan Wednesday Year 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 6th cross country volunteers
26-Jan Thursday Cross country period 3

Latest House Scores

  • Netball – Rollo 4 points, Warenne 1 points, Busli 3 points, Mortain 2 points
  • Football – Mortain 3.5 points, Busli 1 points, Rollo 3.5 points, Warenne 2 points
  • Boys Basketball – Busli 3 points, Warenne 1 point, Rollo 2 points, Mortain 4 points
  • Girls Football – Rollo 2 points, Busli 4 points, Warenne 1 point, Mortain 3 points
  • Dodgeball – Mortain 4 points, Warenne 2 points, Busli 2 points, Rollo 2 point
  • Art – Rollo 3 points, Warenne 2 points, Busli 1 point, Mortain 4 points

What are the Houses?

Busli (Blue), Mortain (Black), Rollo (White) and Warenne (Yellow). Busli is named after Roger de Busli and Warenne after William de Warenne, two of William the Conqueror’s knights, Mortain after his half-brother, and Rollo was one of his ancestors.

Each student is assigned a house upon entering the school, which is an important part of the school’s community. Students are provided with sports kit with their specific house colours, which is to be worn in P.E. lessons and house sporting events.

Numerous house events are competed in, such as football, rugby, tennis, cross country and netball, as well as other non-sporting activities such as chess, drama and art. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the Dragon, a golden dragon statue in a glass case. The dragon is then engraved with the year and the winning house respectively.