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Curriculum, vision and aims.

The History Department at Wales aims to deliver a broad curriculum that prepares students for life in modern Britain. It is by learning about the past, that we believe students can understand where they come from, where we are, and where we might go as a society.

The History Department boasts a large team of specialist teachers with many years of experience. We teach engaging and challenging lessons every day and are always on hand to help students with their work, or to recommend resources for further study. Through our teaching and our curriculum, we hope to help our students understand the history of Britain, and the role Britain has played in global history and to investigate other countries and cultures that have shaped the world as we know it. We help students understand their local history, and the ways in which South Yorkshire has played a significant role in British and global history.

In our choices of topics, we cover a broad and diverse range of stories and themes. Throughout our curriculum, students learn about military history, social history, political history, black history, women’s history, working class history and much more. Our aim is that every student at Wales High School has a chance to learn about history that matters to them, and study historical figures and groups that they identify with. However, we also hope to challenge students with stories, individuals, and interpretations that they may not have considered before.

We also aim to help our students develop skills that can support them in their journey through life, both in the study of history and beyond. We work to develop student’s skills at writing, critical thinking, debating and analysis so that all Wales history students will leave school with the knowledge and skills to able to continue learning history throughout their lives. We also want our students to be able to understand modern Britain and the history that has shaped it so they can have informed opinions about the issues that affect them in their everyday lives.

Finally, we work hard to prepare our students for public exams such as GCSE and A-Levels. To support this, we produce a wide range of bespoke resources for our students and run regular revision sessions to ensure that everyone has the help they need to leave school with the best possible results.

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Subject Contacts for Support

In the first instance please contact your child’s class teacher using their school email address. The class teacher is in the best position to answer general questions as they will know your child better than anyone.

For more specific questions please contact the following staff by email:
Mr F Oxby(Head Of Department)
[email protected]

We will endeavour to reply to any correspondence as soon as possible. If you would like to contact us by telephone please contact school on 01909 771291. They will inform us of your call and we will answer if available or arrange to phone you back.