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Letting Regulations



(1) All applications for hire of premises shall be made on the prescribed form, which can be obtained, from Wales High School Academy Trust.

(2) The hirer shall be the person by whom the form of application is signed and shall be responsible for payment of all costs and damages incurred
arising out of the hiring. The hirer is responsible for the preservation of good order during the letting of the school premises and for any damage
that may be done to property in consequence of the letting of which would not have been done if the letting had not taken place.
In the event of such damage the School may make it good and the hirer by the acceptance of the hiring subject to these regulations will thereby be
deemed to have undertaken to pay the cost of such reparation as certified by or on the School.

(3) All charges shall be paid on presentation of the School’s account and no booking will be accepted later than seven days prior to the dates

(4) Where a booking has been cancelled at less than 7 days notice, a charge may be made by the School to cover any expense incurred or
revenue lost. If any occupation is found to clash with School activities reasonable notice will be given to the hirer. The right is reserved to cancel
any hiring without notice where the School considers it necessary to do so for any cause whatsoever. In the event of any hiring being cancelled the
amount of the charges and any other fees payable hereunder will be refunded to the hirer but neither the School nor anybody responsible for the
management of school premises shall be held liable or required to pay compensation for any loss sustained as a result of or in any way arising out
of the cancellation of the hiring.

(5) Except under exceptional circumstances, premises belonging to the School shall be closed not later than 9.30pm. Extension of time closing may
be sanctioned only by the Head Teacher.

(6) Playing games for money or gambling on school premises is to be strictly in accordance with current legal requirements.

(7) The power of sub-letting shall not be granted under any circumstances.

(8) School cookery apparatus shall not be available to the hirer. Provision of refreshments will be supervised by the School Meals Service if required
at an additional charge, or private caterers may be used under supervision of School Meals staff at an appropriate charge.

(9) Alcoholic liquor shall not be consumed on school premises unless the Head Teacher has approved an application made for a special licence and
this subsequently been granted.

(10) Except for approved education users, specialist subject rooms shall not be used. Unauthorised use of, and alterations or additions to the school
electrical and heating systems is forbidden.

(11) Smoking will not be allowed in school premises and on school grounds.

(12) Head Teacher’s and staff rooms will not be available for hire under any circumstances unless specifically authorised by the Head Teacher.

(13) No fitting, fixtures or decorations of any kind shall be fixed to the school property. No preparation shall be used for polishing the floors and the
wearing of stiletto heel is forbidden on school premises. Furniture will normally be moved only on previous instructions issued by the Head Teacher
to the caretaker.

(14) Special conditions and charges are available concerning the use of school premises for election purposes and are obtainable from the Executive
Director of Children and Young People Services.

(15) The premises hired shall not be used for any purposes for which a licence is required under the appropriate Acts of Parliament unless such licence
has been granted in respect of premises subject to prior approval of the Head Teacher. The hirer shall not infringe any subsisting copyright or
performing right and hereby indemnifies in the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council against all sums of money it may have to pay be reason of
such infringement.

(16) No PE equipment shall be erected on the premises other than by a member of staff of the school or the caretaker.

(17) The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the School against all actions, claims and demands (whether on account of personal injury or
damage to or loss of property or otherwise) which may be brought or made against the School by or on behalf of any person whose presence on
the school premises is attributable to or necessitated by the hire of such premises by the hirer or who sustains injury, damage or loss which we
would not have sustained had the premises not been so hired. With the regard to the parking of cars, owners do this at their own risk.

(18) Playing areas and sports facilities may be hired only where the condition of these facilities is deemed capable of withstanding the additional wear
and tear imposed by both adult and school use. The decision of the Head Teacher in this respect will be final.

(19) The hirer shall be responsible for the observance and performance of all stipulation contained in these regulations.

(20) The decision as to the property of the proposed use of school premises rests absolutely with the Head Teacher and any application may be refused
if the hirer commits a breach during the hiring of any of these regulations then, without prejudice to the right of the School to enforce any liabilities
already incurred by the hirer under these regulations, the Authority reserve the right to determine the hiring, if still continuing, forthwith to forfeit all
sums paid by the hirer and to refuse any further application from the hirer for hire of school premises.

(21) If premises to be hired for purposes of entertainment for over 100 children the hirer’s attention is drawn to section 12 of the Children and Young
Persons Act 1933, relating to the provision of sufficient adult attendants and their duties.

(22). All user groups that conduct activities involving children and young people under the age of 18 are required to adhere to Wales High School’s Safeguarding Policy at the time of hire. All user groups are required to commit to report any incidents or concerns to the Safeguarding team via safeguarding@waleshigh.com