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Computing – KS5

Computing at Key Stage 5

For our post-16 students we offer two courses: Computer Science and Information Technology.

Computer Science is an advanced level course from Eduqas which gives students an understanding of, and the ability to apply, the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, decomposition, logic, algorithms and data representation.  Students will gain the ability to analyse problems in computational term through practical experience of solving such problems.

Students will have the capacity for thinking creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically.  They will demonstrate the capacity to see relationships between different aspects of computer science including mathematical skills.  Students will also demonstrate the ability to articulate the individual, social, legal and cultural opportunities and risks of digital technology.

Information Technology is a level 3 course from OCR.  Students will develop a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of IT and Global information.

IT fundamentals includes computer hardware; computer software; business IT systems; employability and communication skills used within an IT environment; ethical and operational issues and threats to computer systems.

Global information includes Understand where information is held globally and how it is transmitted; the styles, classification and the management of global information; the use of global information and the benefits to individuals and organisations; the legal and regulatory framework governing the storage and use of global information; the process flow of information; the principles of information security.

Our intention is to create the very best Computer Scientists and Information Technology practitioners, by challenging our students to have an excellent work ethic.  Our superb KS5 teaching staff are all subject specialists with first rate subject knowledge.  The majority of the team have many years of experience as examiners and moderators for the awarding bodies.