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Business – KS4

Business at Key Stage 4

When students join us in Key Stage 4, we offer a choice of two courses, both of which build upon knowledge and skills developed across the key stage 3 curriculum.

Students can choose to study GCSE Qualifications in either Business Studies or Economics, both of which offer the opportunity to develop the range of knowledge and skills required for our wide curriculum in key stage 5, and looking further into the future, for further study and the world of work.

Our GCSE in Business Studies looks at a variety of topics including Marketing, Production, Finance and Human Recourses. Each area of study gives students the basis on which to develop their skills to gain a qualification and to underpin knowledge which will be further developed in KS5 study.

GCSE Economics is a brand new subject for 2022/23 and focuses on ‘how markets work’ in Y10 and ‘the wider economy’ in Y11. Topics include Production, Costs, Revenue and Profit, Market Failure, Government Objectives, Interest Rates and the National Economy. The course provides knowledge which can be developed further in A level Economics and Business Studies courses.

The GCSE in Business Studies follows the Edexcel specification, whilst the GCSE in Economics follows the AQA Specification.

The two qualifications go hand-in-hand with an interest and basic understanding of current affairs. Both subjects are ‘living’ subjects where the actions of the chancellor, a change in global markets or any number of real life occurrences, can change the lesson content for that day, and lessons in the immediate future.