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Art and Photography

Art and Photography

The Art and Photography Department empowers students with the necessary knowledge and in turn skills to create highly refined artefacts. Our students are able to progress and achieve together in a cohesive learning environment. The department collaboratively create units of work that engage, excite and appropriately challenge our students.

We encourage students from Key Stage 3 to describe, analyse, evaluate and interpret a range of art work from numerous settings. This gives the students a rich and meaningful cultural library to draw from which feeds into their creative outcomes.


Course Introduction Video

Subject Contacts for Support

In the first instance please contact your child’s class teacher using their school email address. The class teacher is in the best position to answer general questions as they will know your child better than anyone.

For more specific questions please contact the following staff by email:
Miss J.Podmore (Head Of Department)
[email protected]

We will endeavour to reply to any correspondence as soon as possible. If you would like to contact us by telephone please contact school on 01909 771291. They will inform us of your call and we will answer if available or arrange to phone you back.